Wednesday, 26 March 2014

No twitter pics

People who know that I tweet directly into Fb and like to also just tweet pics taken on a cameraphone because its a good use of the technology have been dissapointed.
Lately, because it broke a few months ago, I was only able to tweet one pic and the had to reboot my phone for each pic. The tweeted picture would just stay stuck in a hung kind of way. Text only tweets worked fine, but pics just stayed "in progress". I got frustrated and after a few attempts found a hint and another - the result is all in this developer thread which was started by a number of non-developers. .

Monday, 17 March 2014

POV Wand kit

I built this kit with my 9 year old last weekend (he did all the work) .
Cool kit and great value - we built it in a class at a local museum for computers in Cambridge. Most of the people were new to soldering, and all built it in 1 and a half hours - and we all got ours working soon after that.
One thing to watch out for: The tact switch nearest the power switch shorted out the power on ours, there is no solder mask to prevent this:
picture :

Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to play Zombie Apocalypse in 1.7.x

The hypixel map is Available here:
but the texture pack link won't work in newer minecraft versions. 1.7 - so I eventually found this link. detailed-the-end-is-extremely-nigh-revolution-official-continuation .

This pack is compatible with the new minecraft resource-pack mechanism. The pack however still looks broken/fails to load after you drop it into your resources folder... The catch is that you need to unpack the correct folder into your resource pack folder, dropping the zip does nothing, that's because the zip has 2 packs in it, select the non OSx folder inside the zip and copy just the folder into your resource folder.
It takes a while to load the map. I ran this map on my vanilla 1.7.6 downloaded server - it complains a lot about corruption and so on, something I often see (but never this badly) whenever I download a map anyway. This means that in transitions (when the map teleports you to the next level or area) you will disconnect and need to re-join. Be patient and wait a few seconds before you re-join and you will be fine.
We completed it with three players which probably means we found more items and drops than normal and also got stuck a bit more than normal because there are a few doors that you cannot go back through although that never caught us. It is pretty hectic, and a lot of run, and has multiple endings - so we will definitely play it through again.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ECG EKG project with Michael

A nifty little project which may or may not harm your heart.

We need some of this and of these sensitive op-amps:

and this other cool amplifier called an instrumentation amp :

It all connects to an audio jack.

OK, so Why?

Tell me that working on this kind of idea is not cool :

Friday, 25 October 2013

So what does everyone else do?

Why do less that 1/4 of people use Java at all?
I have a suspicion that the earths population is around 3 billion. If I take that number and multiply it by the number of devices I have that run java I come to about 12 billion devices - so what are they using? Their lives must be bliss not having to wait for this to happen every fortnight.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

THe most vulnerable

You tell me, that's 3 billion unsecure devices every 2 weeks that you could be hijacking. nuff said.